Middle School Athletes

Training Session Length: 60 Minutes

Training Details

Middle School Training works on the basic fundamentals of Acceleration & Change of Direction and will consist of an introduction to strength exercises in a fun and safe manner that progresses with them as they progress.

Available Classes:

  • 5-6 grade classes
  • 7-8 grade classes

Workout Focuses:

  • Full introduction to weightlifting (learning movements)
  • Learning about the gym (ex: names of the equipment and proper use, gym etiquette, etc.)


All of our classes are designed by Athlete Protocol’s skilled trainers to maximize your training output so you can accomplish your fitness goals.

It’s not just lifting, it’s sports specific training.

My daughter in truly enjoying working with Harrison. The new facility is a great space that has plenty of room for team training. I’m convinced it will help her become a better athlete. Thanks Harrison. Keep up the great work.

David E.

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